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Charlie Witowski

Crafting a captivating documentary narrative is a journey that requires years of dedication and expertise, with the essence of storytelling resting in the hands of the chosen documentarian. I consider myself fortunate to have embarked on this path. During my teenage years, I found myself in front of the camera, featuring in television commercials. Later I went for cinema studies in Paris, graduating in Spain.

Later under the mentorship of esteemed figures such as Bobette Buster, renowned script consultant for Pixar, and Quentin Tarantino, or Oscar-nominated producer Christine Camdessus,  whose insights profoundly influenced my storytelling approach, I refined my skills.

Today, as a wedding documentary filmmaker, I take on the roles of both director and cinematographer. Throughout the post-production process, I collaborate closely with some of Europe's most talented editors, sound engineers, and colour graders. By leveraging the latest technology and our collective expertise, we deliver an exceptional cinematic documentary experience, that will last for generations.

It's a privilege to share my passion with you, channeling my love for the craft into every captured moment. With each wedding, I am reminded of how fortunate I am to pursue what I truly adore. 

Thank you, 


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